The content creation of the research program will be led jointly by three senior researchers: Dr. Taina Tukiainen, Tech (Lic.) Minna Takala and David Ing.

Dr. Taina Tukiainen will lead the activities at Helsinki Polytechnic. The Finnish research team will include as well Minna Takala who will finish her doctoral dissertation during the project. The Finnish research team will be complemented by David Ing (IBM Corporation) who will be an integral part of the research team as a senior researcher in the project.

Part of the research efforts will be carried out at Columbia University (Dr. Rita McGrath) and New Jersey Institute of Technology ( Dr. David Hawk). Dr. McGrath and Dr. Hawk will lead activities at their respective universities and will participate in the research based on their own funding. The project will cover traveling expenses to allow Dr. McGrath and Dr. Hawk to spend intense working phases with the Finnish project team.

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Submitted by daviding on Mon, 2006-09-04 20:51.