Deliverables and Knowledge Dissemination

First, the project develops best practices for large and small/medium size corporations for managing their innovations. Second, the project will develop policy recommendations on how innovations should be managed and measured. These results will be disseminated through several tangible outcomes. Our dissemination focuses on four areas: dissemination to practitioners, and dissemination to policy makers and dissemination in academia, through teaching and researcher training.

Value to Finnish ICT industry renewal

  • Leading global research calibrated with Finnish ICT-industry data both in large and SME categories
  • Innovation and internal renewal management framework for identification agile management, value capture and realization
  • Knowledge transfer and innovation management process assessments and planning workshops for participating firms as well as for larger audience
  • Policymaking of ICT industry renewal in Finland and Helsinki area
    Research publications and academic thesis from doctoral to masters to bachelors

Dissemination of the results to practitioners will focus on disseminating results in seminars aimed at practitioners as well as through publication in practitioner journals. The authors of the present proposal and Prof. David Hawk from NJIT are frequent speakers at practitioner seminars. As part of dissemination activity we will organize five (5) knowledge dissemination seminars aimed at practitioners.1 Parts of the findings will also be reported in practitioner-oriented publications (e.g. business newspapers and magazines as well as trade journals) in a format that is directly accessible for business managers. For disseminating policy recommendations, we organize a seminar for Tekes and prepare a research report. In the end of the project, we will organize a seminar where we disseminate our policy-related results for the wider audience of people at relevant organizations that can benefit from the research findings. Complementing this seminar we will provide a research report consisting of the research papers, articles and a summary of the results focusing on the policy implications of the research.

In order to receive feedback on work in progress and to initially disseminate the results, we will present several papers at the globally leading research conferences (Academy of Management Meetings, Harvard Entrepreneurship Conference and Strategic Management Society Conference). Academic conferences are an important means for validating the quality and timeliness of our research and so steer the theoretical basis of the research. The results of the research will be submitted for publication in leading academic journals in the area, such as Strategic Management Journal, and Academy of Management Journal, and Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, among others. Because the research is designed to support Finnish firms competing in global markets, the quality of the research should also satisfy the global standards. As a tangible goal, we set at least two to three top journal submissions/publications.

Results from our research will be utilized in the teaching at Helsinki Polytechnic, Helsinki University of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Columbia University as well as in guest lecturing in other Finnish and international universities. Results from the project will be included both in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses. Results will be published in virtual communities see e.g.

On the post-graduate level, Minna Takala from Nokia and David Ing from IBM will complete their dissertation projects related to innovation management. They both will receive support to finalize their dissertations for Helsinki University of Technology during the project. David Ing will work as an exchange researcher and lecturer in Finland for a 4 months period, as well as Minna Takala at New Jersey Institute of Technology as well 4 months. Tuomo Lagerström and Antero Pitkänen will work within the project as a researchers.

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  1. For instance, in Nokia Corporation, Kone and IBM has proposed organizing a workshop to disseminate the research carried out by this researcher team in their organization.
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