Research Collaboration

Within the project, intensive collaboration will take place with industry and international academia.

As industry collaboration, we intend to continue the close collaboration between Nokia (Minna Takala) and IBM (David Ing and Marianne Kosits). Minna Takala (Nokia) and David Ing (IBM) will be an integral part of the research team working as senior researches. They will participate in the project by investing their time and co-authoring research in the project (two working months). In addition, Nokia, IBM and Kone will sponsor a Master’s thesis within the project (six months). Altogether, Nokia will invest 8 working months in the project amounting to roughly 16% of the work carried out on the basis of funding from the project (51 months). HTV, Saunalahti, Suunto, and Planmeca will sponsor either a Master’s or Bachelor's thesis projects (6 months). All together investment is 30 months.

The project will be carried out in intense cooperation with Columbia University, New York, USA and New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA. Professor McGrath and Professor Hawk from these institutions will be co-leaders of the project, will contribute some of the data, and will set up complementary projects at their institutions. These contributions represent significant resources for the project and help to leverage the funding.

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