The flagship educational program for the Rendez project is the Master's program in International Service Business Management, offered at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. The 2007-2008 class had its first meeting on September 6, 2007.  The program was launched with a 2006-2007 on September 7, 2006.

An outline of the program is available as a brochure on the Stadia web site.

Course Design

The content of the course is multidimensional, described on the 2006 Dimensions and Threads page.


The fall term of the program includes an accelerated schedule of lectures. These are described on the 2007 Sessions Timetable page.

  • During the term when theses are developed, students have been clustered into smaller groups to enable more personalized attention.
  • For reference, the historical 2006 Sessions Timetable page has been retained on the web site.


The tight scheduling of lectures is achieved through the blending of dimensions and threads. In order to satisfy academic requirements, students should pay attention to the layout of credits, with an intricate parsing of interwoven themes.

Evolving Curriculum

Initial development of this curriculum began with an "ideal" model that did not take holiday schedules and the availability of speakers into account. This content remains available at, but don't be confused by that! The content here on web site is the "living" content that will evolve, and the prior content has been preserved only as a reference.

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