About the Rendez project

The Rendez research project is a two-year study on business innovation. As described in its prospectus, the project officially launched on September 1, 2006, and is scheduled to complete by September 30, 2008.

The project is based in Finland, and draws on an international team. The direction for the research is guided by a steering group of individuals from IBM, Nokia, Kone, Suunto, HTV and Tekes.

The principal investigator for the project is Taina Tukiainen. The senior researchers to the project are Minna Takala and David Ing. The project manager handling organizational practicalities is Olli Ahola-Luttila.

Taina Tukiainen is Head of the Master's Degree Program in Industrial Management at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. She was granted a Ph.D. in Industrial Management in 2004 by the Helsinki University of Technology, with a dissertation focused on innovation and ventures. Previously she has worked 18 years within industry, the last 10 years at  Nokia Corporation as senior manager. She has worked for several years as a researcher and senior lecturer in various educational institutions.

Minna Takala, a Senior Manager with Nokia Corporation, works in Devices R&D. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Industrial Management at the Helsinki University of Technology. Between 2000 and 2002, she was a visiting special lecturer in the School of Management at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has Licenciate of Technology degree and Master of Engineering degree from Helsinki University of Technology.   She has participated in several industry -university research projects and given many visiting lectures in various educational institutions and conferences internationally  Currently she is a member of  Engineering Education Council of he Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK .

David Ing is a Business Architect and Marketing Scientist with IBM Software Group, based in Toronto, Canada. He is completing his dissertation in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Helsinki University of Technology. He was granted a Master of Management degree by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Commerce by the University of Toronto. In professional activities, he is Vice-President of Communications and Systems Education for the International Society for the Systems Sciences, and visiting fellow with the University of Hull Centre for Systems Studies.

Olli Ahola-Luttila is a student in Industrial Management at the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia.

The rendez.org web site was designed by David Ing. It supports both the research and educational agendas of the Rendez project. Content is collaboratively contributed not only by the core research team, but also by students in the International Service Business Management master's degree program at Stadia, 2006-2007.

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