2008/02/14 Rendez briefing at University of Iowa

To give us a different perspective on innovation, David Hawk arranged for us to meet Eric Hoffman at the University of Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging. This is one of the leading research labs of its type in the world, with close relationships with industry. On the tour of the medical center, we saw an MRI machine that will soon be replaced by a newer model.


In working hand-on with the equipment, the engineers and technicians have devised some tools with improved flexibility.


While in the medical center, we also saw an environmental chamber where the atmosphere can be changed within minutes to simulate various conditions.


We discussed the opportunities and challenges of maintaining a leading-edge research team within the constraints of a university environment.


The conversation traced the evolving history of research, as individuals moved from one institution to another. Knowledge has continued to develop over decades, with personal relationships carry on over long distances.

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