As follow-through from introductions made in Tokyo, three professors from the Tokyo Institute of Technology visited Finland.

At Nokia House, researchers collaborated on a Rendez workshop on Management Development for Service Business Innovation, exchanging and jointly developing knowledgeKyoichi Jim Kijima spoke about the Service Innovation Educational Program to be launched in the spring at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Rendez workshop at Nokia House, Kyoichi Jim Kijima

Hiroshi Deguchi described some of the prior research on Agent-Based Social Systems.

Rendez workshop at Nokia House, Hiroshi Deguchi speaking

The professors visited Anssi Smedlund and Marja Toivonen at the Helsinki University of Technology.  They described the research being conducted in the IPSI - Integrative Perspective to Service Innovation project.

IPSI program, HUT Tuta

To understand the way in which universities, government and business collaborate in Finland, the Japanese professors visited Tekes.


At Stadia, the delegation met with the provosts and discussed commonalities between programs.

Meeting with the provosts at Stadia

To understand the hands-on approach of the higher education system in Finland, the Automotive Engineering program at Stadia was described.

Automotive program, Stadia

The students managing the Formula Engineering team related their experiences.

Stadia Formula car

To round out the tour, the professors were offered a ride in the CityCab.


On the last day of the visit, Kyoichi Jim Kijima and David Ing co-taught a class on International Cultures in the International Service Business Management program at Stadia.

From the knowledge gained in direct observations in Finland, the professors had much to think about on their return to Japan.


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