2008/02/13 Rendez briefing at IBM Industry Solutions Lab, Hawthorne, NY

Taking advantage of the proximity of the Rendez research team in the New York area, we scheduled a briefing at the Industry Solutions Lab at IBM Research in Hawthorne, NY. With weather slowing down some of the travellers to the meeting, we started with a tour of the demonstration floor.


Information technologies and multimedia technologies are converging, as in these demonstrations on video surveillance.


Mobile technologies can put the power of a computer into your palm.


Content included a briefing on virtual worlds.


A variety of projects on social computer were discussed.


Progress on a workbench for business architects were reviewed.


IBM has a long history of innovation to feature at the Industry Solutions Lab.


The briefings at the Industry Solutions Lab speak to the leading edge of technology.  Here, the future is close to the present.


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