2008/03/06 Invited workshop on Service Science, Engineering and Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology

The Rendez project was invited to participate in an invited workshop on Service Science, Management and Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.  As an meeting of international experts, we had attendees from Finland, Japan ...

SSME participants

... the UK, United States and Canada.

SSME workshop participants

Marja Toivonen led off with a presentation on research in Finland.

SSME workshop, Marja Toivonen

After hearing Marja's presentation, Yuriko Sawatani showed her some of the research she's been doing in Japan.

SSME workshop, Marja Toivonen, Yuriko Sawatani

Participants had an opportunity to exchange ideas.

SSME workshop, discussion break

Hiroshi Deguchi described some of the research going on in his lab at TiTech.

SSME workshop, Hiroshi Deguchi

Kyoichi Jim Kijima spoke about plans for the new Service Innovation Educational program at TiTech.

SSME workshop, Kyoichi Jim Kijima

Gary Metcalf provided a long-term outlook of potential futures for services in the world economy.

SSME workshop, Gary Metcalf

Takao Terano spoke on trends in research into services in Japan.

SSME workshop, Takao Terano

At the end of the day, each participant was invited to share his or her ideas ...

SSME workshop, discussion late

... as input towards future research into services at TiTech.

SSME workshop, discussion late

The presentations for the day have been published on the Tokyo Institute of Technology web site.

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