This is one-year program with 60 ECTS credits.

Students will each play two roles in covering the course materials.

  • Discussion leader(s): At the initiation of the course, students can bid on sessions for which they will prepare. Preparation will generally involve reading 6 to 8 suggested articles (depending on difficulty), and preparing a set of slides (e.g. Powerpoint) on which class discussion can be structured. As part of the experience, students are not required to become ultimate experts on the content, but instead should draw upon the experiences, interpretations and understandings amongst classmates.
  • Discussion participants: Students are expected to read, at least lightly, two articles of interest on the prescribed content. Active conversation is encouraged, opening lines of questions that may help in preparation of the thesis.

Credits are distributed on the following scheme:

  • 5 credits: Principles: Business in a services economy, and business research methods
    • Due by 24.11.2006.
  • 5 credits: Customers, business models and innovation
    • Due by 8.12.2006.
  • 5 credits: Services in an international context
    • Due by 5.1.2006.
  • 5 credits: Service leadership, organizational development and teamwork
    • Due by 31.12.2006. Ask Leenamaija Otala for specific submission instructions.
  • 5 credits: Service delivery and technology architectures
    • Due by 18.1.2007.
  • 5 credits: Strategic management, intra/entrepreneurship, alliances and venturing
    • Due by 31.1.2007.

Papers should be 5 to 10 pages in length.

  • A hard copy of the assignment should be delivered to Taina Tukiainen.
  • Each assignment should be posted as a separate blog entry. This will enable David Ing to access your work, and make comments. (
    • If you would prefer that comments remain private, please e-mail David Ing with instructions for alternative communications).
    • Hint: To make your blog entry "pop up" to the top of the list so that your classmates can see it, check off the box under Groups ... Audience ... Stadia-2006 ....
      • Warning:  You probably want to uncheck the Groups ... Public ... box. Otherwise, your assignment will show up as a featured page on the web site, as a blog entry readable by anyone on the Internet.

These credits are a prerequisite to:

  • 30 credits: Master’s thesis
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