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2006/10/21 Stadia welcomes NJIT students at dinner

Executive MBA students from the New Jersey Institute of Technology visited Helsinki as the first stop of a study tour in Europe.

Some Stadia students welcomed their NJIT counterparts to Finland with a dinner at the Russian restaurant, Saslik.

Stadia students hosting NJIT at Saslik

The first course was blini with caviar.

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2006/10/07 Taina Tukiainen presents at IBM Palisades

The "Services Science, Management and Engineering — Education for the 21st Century" Conference was held at IBM Palisades on October 6 and 7, 2006.

Taina Tukiainen at the podium, IBM Palisades

Taina Tukiainen was a featured speaker at the event. Slides and a digest of the presentation are available on rendez.org.

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2006/09/06 Launch of Stadia class

What are these students looking at?

Master's Students at Stadia

These are some of the candidates for the Master's degree in International Service Business Management at the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, in the first week of the class.

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Business and life in Wuhu, Anhui, PRC

In the lecture on October 27 on Chinese style business, we had a high-level economic discussion of China's rising economy, as well as some discussion of business practices.

For a first-hand account of a westerner's view of China, take a look at the blog on The Global Silk Road. This blog is written by Brian Hilton, who I've seen frequently at annual meetings of the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

In particular, read the entry on Welcoming WuHu: Anhui Province??, China??. Wuhu City Online says that that it has a "population of whole city is 2,202,600 and that of downtown is 658,800". This isn't a city on the scale of Shanghai or Beijing that makes the daily newspaper, but Brian's description certainly names companies that you might see as prominent in the future.

Brian is co-author of a book titled "The Global Silk Road" that you can view on Amazon.


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2006/11/27 Enabling blogs for posting assignments

I have enabled the blog function on rendez.org, so that students can post assignments on their own page.

Each assignment handed in for credit can be posted as a separate blog entry. If you check off the Groups ... Audience ... Stadia-2006 ... box, your classmates will see the entry as new (i.e. top of the list) when they log on.

In addition, comments can be attached to each entry. As a group, we need to decide how public comments should be.

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