Research Questions and Areas of Interest

The purpose of our research project is to examine, how do we effectively manage the innovative activities by redirecting and how that will effect on the value creation of the firm. The other purpose of this study is to examine the question that how the innovativeness and innovation activities can be measured within firms.

In the research project, we focus on the following broad areas:

  1. Making sense of emerging trends of managing the innovative activities and ventures
    • How and when do firms succeed in managing their innovation activities? More concretely, what are the possible outcomes of the investment? How do the alternative outcomes affect the firm? Which factors influence which outcome will emerge?
    • How and when do innovative activities create value? Do innovative activities create value, even when outcomes are not what was intended when the projects were initiated? How this mechanism is working?
    • How do firms adapt their innovative activities to the changing and turbulent environment? More concretely, how do firms manage, direct and redirect their innovative activities? How this process works?
    • How and when can companies renew their operations? More concretely, what factors affect to renewal?
  2. Measuring the innovativeness and innovation activities
    • How can companies measure their innovativeness? What are the measures for the success in enhancing innovativeness?
    • How do you measure the innovation from process, customer, financial and employee perspectives?
    • How can companies proactively define conditions for innovativeness in the firms, complemented by accountability for innovations?

These research questions aim at contributing to a better understanding of the linkages between different activities within systemic innovation processes that have fundamentally different time horizons, but need to be integrated to provide a coherent view on the future. Furthermore, the research questions highlight the relationship between various learning outcomes and firm performance.

This research will develop 1) new management models and agile working practices for enhancing innovation implementation and 2) new models for measuring the innovativeness and innovative activities in firms. The research focuses on future aspirations, foresight and strategic direction as an effect to success.

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