The pronunciation of Rendez

In the preparation of the original proposal in May 2006, Minna pointed out that Tekes projects traditionally have snappy names by which they're recognized. The theme (or slogan) had been decided as "Innovation - Renewal - Redirection", but something even shorter was needed.

After running through some alternatives, we decided on the name Rendez. With all of the other things going on, the official pronunciation was left ambiguous. (Or maybe we just forget what we decided!)

Rendez could be pronounced in a French style (i.e ron-day), or in a more Spanish style (i.e ren-dez).

At the first official meeting of the team on September 5, 2006, we decided to prefer pronunciation in the French style, at least amongst ourselves. Since David Ing has to fly in to Helsinki from Toronto, and Minna and Taina will be travelling to Palisades, New York for the SSME Summit, scheduling face-to-face meetings is top-of-mind within the project.

Of course, if you want to use the Spanish pronunciation ... we know what you mean!

Submitted by daviding on Fri, 2006-09-08 03:19.