2007/09/14 MIT Sloan Management Review, Business Insight Series, free access

At the MIT Sloan Management Review, there will free access to the Business Insight Series for about another month.
This is a promotion co-sponsored by IBM and the Wall Street Journal, providing open access for a limited period of time. MIT Sloan Management Review is normally accessible only by subscription.
There's two ideas that readers might consider:

  • Firstly, about content: there's some interesting articles on innovation that are worth reading, if not citing.
  • Secondly, about business model: what does it mean to a publication that normally relies on a subscription model to get a sponsorship from third parties. Is this a case where intellectual capital is exploited positively, rather than just withering away behind locked doors?


Submitted by daviding on Fri, 2007-09-28 16:10.
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