2007/04/26-28 UC Berkeley - Tekes "Innovation in Services" Conference

Between April 26 and 28, the "Innovation in Services" Conference was hosted at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. Academics were invited from around the world to attend this event sponsored by Tekes.

Henry Chesbrough hosted the event.

Henry Chesbrough, welcoming attendees

David Teece gave the lead-off presentation on "Managing Dynamic Capabilities and Expert Talent in Today's Global Economy".

David Teece, lecturing

Jim Spohrer closed the first day with a talk on "Steps Toward a Science of Service Systems".

Jim Spohrer

The second day burrowed more deeply into academic work, presenting and discussing papers contributed to the conference.

David Ing attended the meeting, and has posted digests of the presentations on the web. Digital audio (MP3) recordings of the talks are available from him, on request.

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