Tekes seminar on new trends in innovation

[This blog post was originally written by Mikko Mattila.  The authorship will be adjusted when he joins Rendez Commons].

I participated in TEKES seminar “New Trends in Innovation: Broad-based innovation - challenges for companies and policy”.  Unfortunately I could only participate for the morning part so my observations are limited. Basically I have three :)

First, the government is taking actions to increase the “innovativeness” in Finland. There are tax incentives implemented, planned and investigated. It is good per se, but somehow I feel these governmental initiatives are quite slow. And even though I must say that I haven’t looked in to them well enough to make this judgement, they sound like tying the innovative arms. After all, it came clear in the seminar that Canada has already given in some of these “innovation tax incentives” and we are trying to implement them.

Second, some of the themes that are in SPINN project are researched in Finland. There were research results presented of projects about social media, crowd sourcing and frugal innovation. Finland seems to be lagging in SOME business use when comparing to Nordic, European or North American countries. One indicator was that we are lagging one to two years in LinkedIn use. This is comparable to other SOME applications. The research in the field seems to be lagging as well. So I guess we are on right path with SPINN.

One good point was that there are 4 billion people in the world that earn less than 5 € a day. Let’s see how our research on frugal innovation can relate to these numbers and answer to the challenge.

Third, the participants of the conference were mostly academic. I don’t know if this was the intention but I certainly would have wanted to see more company or industry representatives. If you want to be heard, I guess these are the events to visit.

You can find the material from the event here: http://www.tekes.fi/info/innovaatiotutkimus/Ajankohtaista