Different Thinking Approaches

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I have participated in couple of interesting courses during the winter. The courses included team work with creative thinking for generating new ideas. In both of the projects, we were asked to suggest a new solution to fulfill the needs of international companies. One of the challenges was the enormous amount of data that we all have access to; how to find an interesting piece of information that is relevant for the company, and build hypotheses on that.

About Google Hangouts

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There could not be a better location for an academic conference on January than Hawaii smiley. Well, perhaps that was the reason there were quite many Finns on the delegate list at HICSS (Hawaii International Conference on System Science). There were about 900 delegates out of which perhaps 50 were from Finland. Also quite many Canadians…any correlation with the weather perhaps? My paper was titled as “Rise and Fall of crowdsourcing?”.

Systemic / ecosystem innovation

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Here is link to TEKES report on systemic innovation (in Finnish) http://www.tekes.fi/u/systeemisen_muutoksen_haasteet.pdf
With David Ing we were talking about changes in systems and in society on the way to the airport. How many of the management models & theories have been build in times, when interaction with suppliers & customers was expensive and slow. 

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